Our innovative approaches are
enabled by use of the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

ES@S owns and operates a suite of cutting edge platforms and sensors in addition to having access to the full range of world-leading laboratories and facilities based at University of Southampton. This makes us uniquely able to leverage these facilities in a way that keeps costs manageable for clients.

Terrestrial Survey

We deploy a range of ground based and aerial platforms and sensors to explore the Earth’s terrestrial surface

From enterprise grade Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles equipped with LiDAR to simple GNSS surveys, we have the tools, techniques and expertise to help you.

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Hydrographic Survey

We are specialists in the collection of shallow (rivers, lakes and coastal ) water hydropgraphic data

Using our collection of high grade multibeam, autonmous vessels and acoustic Doppler devices, we are able to provide you with insights into the bathymetry and hydrodynamic processes alike.

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Data & Processing

This is where we really pride ourselves…

Whilst there are many survey companies, none have our access to the range of world-leading experts that are based at University of Southampton. In addition, our research background means that we develop bespoke methods of analysis and advanced interpretation of data.

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Terrestrial Laser

We were some of the earliest adopters of TLS for Earth surface monitoring, we currently own and operate Leica P50 and P20 HDS equipment.

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Mobile Laser

Having pioneered early mobile LiDAR systems, we now use what we consider to be one of the best commercial systems.

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MultiBeam Echo Sounding

With many years experience of deploying MBES sensors, we are now leading the field in our use of autonomous vessels for data collection.

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From microscopic detail to global analysis – we know what we are talking about

We have access to some of the world’s leading experts in remote sensing, hydrology, ecology and marine dynamics to name a few.

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